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Below are frequent question about Bali Furniture Decor :

1. Q : What Currency used in Bali Furniture Decor Pricelist ?
  A : It is in US$ ( United State Dollar America )
2. Q : What is The Pricelist Term ?
  A : Our Price is Product Only ( ex BFD storage ) or NOT FOB Pricelist
( It is Exclude packing, Handling, Shipping Fee )
For Further Inquiry of FOB or CIF Price is available at your request
3. Q : Is there Minimum Order ?
  A : Yes, Our Company policy to allow minimum order of US$ 1,000.00 ( One Thousand US$ ).
Order below this amount is Not efficient, nor economically benefit for both party ( us as the seller and you as the buyer )
4. Q : Is there Cost For Sample Product ?
  A : Sample of Product is available at the client cost. The fee depends on the product, quantity and shipping method. 100% remittance require for sample fee
5. Q : How to Make Order ?
  A : For Products That Listed in Our website, Start by Viewing the products you wish to have and make your selection by clicking on the item. There is Shopping Cart that will lead you to your order list. This will be automatically send to our management to response to your inquiry.
Once you received our Quote contain complete detail ( Item Number, Product Name, Qty, Shipping Fee, est. ) you may proceed with Confirmation of Purchase Order and Payment
For custom made item ( not listed in our product list ), please send your inquiry to us : info@balifurnituredecor.com
6. Q : Do Bali Furniture Decor have product that available in stock ?
  A : Yes we do, please review our STOCK list ( link to STOCK product )
7. Q : How long usually the response from BFD Management on email or Quote ?
  A : For email within 24 hours
For Quote will be depends on the complexity of the list ( 1 to 3 days )
8. Q : Is there Discount For Large Order ?
  A : Below is Our Company Discount Policy For Online Pricelist :
5% Discount For Order Above US$ 5,000.00
10% Discount For Order Above US$ 10,000.00
12% Discount For Order Above US$ 12,000.00
15% Discount For Order Above US$ 15,000.00
For Large Order or Villa / Hotel / Apartment Project, Special Price arrangement available at Request, send your enquiry or email us : info@balifurnituredecor.com
9. Q : What is Payment Method and Payment Term Available by BFD ?
  A : Our Payment Method is by Bank to Bank Transfer / Bank TT ( Banking Detail       Available at Confirmation of Order )
Payment Term :
50% remittance by bank TT at confirmation of order
50% remittance by bank TT at completion of order prior to shipment
10 Q : How Long is Production Time ?
  A :

Depends on the quantity of the Products, Production time may vary from 4 weeks to 10 Weeks ( after the fund remittance clear in our account ).
Each client production time can be review in quote that will be supply by BFD.

11. Q : How Long is Transit Time and Procedure For Shipping ?
  A : There are Few Factors affected Shipping Transit time :
  • Shipping Method ( By Air Courier, Air Freight Port to Port, Sea Freight LCL or FCL Shipment ) Air Courier / Air Freight is the Fastest Transit ( 3 to 5 Days ), Sea Freight LCL or FCL is 3 to 8 Weeks depends on Location
  • Location of Destination ( Example, transit time sea freight to Australia FCL is 3 Weeks, to USA (New York) FCL is 6 Weeks, est.

For small quantity product may be arrange by air courier FedEx, Air Freight Port to  Port or by LCL Sea Freight Shipment.
Large quantity of Product recommended to be deliver inside 20ft or 40 ft FCL Container of Sea Freight.
The size of the product leads to the cubication measurement of Product.
The product weight and cubication determine the size and number of containers require for an order.
Maximum capacity of standard container :
- 20ft FCL is about 1,170 cu. ft. ( 30 Cubic Meter/M3 ), max 21 tons
- 40ft FCL is about 2,385 cu. ft. ( 60 Cubic Meter/M3 ) max 26 tons
- 40 High Cube can hold 72 Cubic Meter /M3 of Load, max 26 tons
LCL Less Container Load means the load have not reach a specific minimum full container size. LCL shipments carry some risk especially for goods that considered fragile ( glass, stone, terracotta ). LCL shipments are handled more frequently therefore require longer transit time than FCL shipment.
Once a shipment exceeds 13M3, FCL is considerable cheaper than LCL.
FCL Shipment is often more cost efficient, safe and faster option to ship.

Products with shipment arrange by third party is No longer our responsibility once left our premises.
For Further information on shipping transit and price, please send your inquiry to : info@balifurnituredecor.com

12. Q : How Much is the shipping fee ?
  A : Shipping Fee is also depends on quantity,  shipping method and destination.
We have very good link with our sister company : Nusatrans Cargo. We been using their service for all of our product shipment ( unless you prefer to use your own nominee ). Nusatrans offered reliable service, safe shipment and competitive rate for international air and sea freight cargo forwarder.
Depends on country destination, air freight shipment fee can be arrange in full payment / prepaid or by collect payment once the product arrive at destination.
For Sea Freight Fee, most country allow FOB Fee arrangement ( Freight on Board Bali Benoa Harbour ), FOB allow sea freight / ocean fee to be settle once the shipment arrive at destination.
FOB quote will cover all Bali local charges i.e. packing fee, handling fee, trucking and loading fee, fumigation fee, documentation fee.
C&F quote will cover FOB fee plus Ocean Freight / OF Fee
CIF quote will cover FOB fee, Insurance Fee and OF Fee
There are few Destination Country only allow C&F sea freight arrangement.
We highly recommended all of our clients to use our Cargo service to allow us to closely monitor all the shipping process from packing, handling, loading, fumigation and documentation. We give information of estimated arrival schedule of the shipment once the shipment left Bali.

Our Cargo will give you competitive Price on Air Shipment ( Air Courier Door to Door , Air Freight Port to Port Fee ) and For Sea Freight LCL / FCL ( FOB or C&F or CIF ) shipment.
For Further information on shipping transit and price, please send your inquiry to : info@balifurnituredecor.com
13. Q : How do you arrange packing for our product ?
  A : If you choose to use our cargo service, we will arrange for our trusted and reliable cargo to handle your shipment. They give intensive care of your shipment and maximize packing for safe delivery.
All Furniture will be individually wrap in white sheet and corrugated cardboard sheet. 
Small decor item is individually wrap in white sheet foam or bubble wrap and placed inside cardboard boxed.
For ceramic, terracotta, glass, easy breakable or fragile decor item will be individually wrap in white sheet foam or bubble wrap and placed inside doubled wall cardboard boxed that contain paper shredded.
Wooden crate box made to protect fragile item and stone product.
Small Silica gels package spread within the products and all FCL shipment contain Super Dry units to control humidity inside the container.    
All product inside the container are identify with item number and quantity reference to your Invoice to allow you to cross reference the shipment easily.
14. Q : How to Claim Our Shipment and is there Custom Duty at Port Arrival ?
  A : If you were to arrange the shipment of the goods thru our cargo service, we will send complete shipping documentation to you (i.e. bill of lading, Certificate Form A, Certificate of Origin, Fumigation Certificate, Shipping Invoice and Packing List, est.).
We will not arrange clearance of any customs or duty shipment. Each country destination have their own regulation that vary from one to another depends on the country import policy of the products.
In the document of Bill of Lading, there will be affiliated local clearance office that will assist you to clear your shipment ( additional charge or fee apply ). You also welcome to arrange or to liaise with your own local shipping agencies in your area prior to shipment arrival.
15. Q : How to Arrange Insurance Fee For Our Shipment ?
  A : Insurance can be arranged at your country or Country of shipment destination with the information of Container Number, Seal Number, Vessel Number, est. This information will be given to you as soon as the container left Bali. Insurance can be arrange by BFD in Bali. The Amount of Insurance Fee is 2% of Total Product Value stated in Shipping Invoice. Example : Total Product Value in Shipping Invoice is US$ 10,000.00 Insurance Fee is 2% x US$ 10,000.00 at US$ 200.00
16. Q : How to Claim Insurance if damage occurs during shipment ?
  A : As soon as the product arrive, immediately send us arrival notice of the shipment and take the picture of damage product and email us the picture to be forwarded to Insurance company to claim the insurance. Claim usually will take 3 weeks to be process and to be valued. There will be formal letter from The Insurance company of total value claimable. We will then ask the Insurance Company to send the amount directly to you via bank to bank transfer. Insurance Claim only cover Product Value of the Good Insurance can be claim within maximum 1 week after the shipment arrival.
17. Q : What is the Warranty offer by BFD on the product ?
  A : BFD maximize our effort to maintain excellent quality and safety delivery.
In the case where product arrive in unacceptable condition, you have one week from arrival date to inform us with the present of damage product pictures.

We could offer two optional compensation :
  1. We will credit you the amount of item for your next order
  2. We will supply you a replacement product

(Note: We do NOT responsible for any damages during delivery or caused by negligence during transit )

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